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DIY Real Estate Photography Vs Using a Pro

I recently had the pleasure of meeting an owner who was advertising her family home on her own. She spent the time to tidy and make her home as appealing as possible, took the photos using her IPad and uploaded them straight to the internet to sell the home. The photos were actually pretty good, (I should know, I stalked her property online prior to taking the job). While the photos didn't show the whole room or highlight some of the best aspects of the property, you could tell that she had taken pride in the way they were presented - sometimes that's half the battle.

After a few months on the market and little attraction, she talked to her hubby about getting someone to take better photos for her. He reluctantly suggested someone at work had a camera and could do it. That's when she rang me. After doing some stalking of her own on my Facebook and social media pages, we organised to meet and take some pics of the house. Using a wide angle lens, on board flash and some HDR and post production magic - we took her photos from ok to great.

What's the moral of my story?. Using a professional photographer is not just employing someone with a camera to stand in the corner and take a photo, it's about capturing the essence of the home and those truly unique features that make it stand out above or apart from your neighbours; to create emotion within the buyer and captivate imaginations.

So the next time your agent says they can do it for you in house or hubby has a mate with a camera - say no confidently and call a pro! :) 

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